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Monetize Chicago is a local company that serves the real estate industry, throughout the greater Chicagoland region.  Monetize is providing pre sale home renovation, home remodeling and real estate renovations.

Working with real estate agents as well as individual owners, we help clients decide upon a set of value-added improvements they can make to their property that will help them to sell faster and at better prices, without initially coming out-of-pocket for these expenses.

How It Works

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Reach out via phone or email to get a free estimate.
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If your home qualifies, we will send a team member out to meet with you
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Once the proposal is approved we will schedule your construction start date. Work will begin between 7-14 days after.
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Pay For The Renovation At Closing
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Pay For The
At Closing

Mission accomplished home sold pay us at closing!

How We Are


Traditional Home Improvement

  • Payment required up-front
  • Stuck with no project management to help speed things along
  • Renovations that are not proven to increase value
  • Dealing with several trades
  • Dependent on contractors schedules to finish the project

Selling “As-Is”

  • Lower market value
  • Home buyers skip over your property
  • Home is attractive to investors, due to low value
  • Lengthy days on market, with no movement
Pre Sale Home Remodeling Company in Chicago
  • Remodel NOW – pay when you close
  • Full project management – from start to finish
  • Working with local realtors, designers, and contractors that specialize in getting you the BEST ROI
  • We are a local general contractor
  • Your remodel is done in weeks – getting you on the market faster
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  • Sale Price $374,000
  • As-Is List Price $349,000
  • Days on the Market 3 days
  • Renovation Price $7,800
  • ROI $17,200
  • Project Length 7 days


Frequently Asked Questions

You get your real estate sold faster and/or at a better price, and you can move on to what’s next!
We are locally owned and operated, we have the strongest commitment to quality client experience in the market, we know the market better than anyone, and we are deeply committed to the markets we serve, Our prior and continued success during our evolution (click here​ for more info) is testament to how well we can compete against larger firms.
We will not ask for any payment during the Pre-Construction, Renovation, or Marketing Periods. The idea is to prepare your property for a sale, and then we are paid at closing.
Yes, we do charge for what we do, which includes operational planning & execution, as well as risk management. Payment is deferred until close, per terms of the contract, which equitably addresses the financials. When we say our mission is about adding value, we mean it! We want you to make money off us!
Please call us or you can complete the online form ​below​ and we will get back to you.
Project scope and design are key to success, and we will certainly seek your input. This is also part of the vetting process, for both of us, but at the end of the day it is your property, and your decision whether to work with us. Your input is key, and it informs how we apply our knowledge and experience to your situation. It also determines whether we work together.
An experienced project manager’s involvement throughout the project, starting with the design and negotiation stages, quick response and turnaround on proposals, and timely progress on getting your property prepared for sale. We will discuss your objectives, come back with our recommendations, and if we decide to move forward, refine and finalize plans. We will provide regular updates.
We do minor cosmetic items such as patching & painting, wallpaper removal, and refinishing existing cabinets, as well as more involved kitchen and bath replacement, electrical, plumbing, flooring, reframing, exterior work, staging, and landscaping.
We are active in the greater Chicago region and nearby areas
As long as there is a viable and functioning real estate market, your property will sell, but the market sets that price, and the market is a dynamic thing, changing constantly. This is why we vet our clients and their property carefully. The contract lays out several ways to come to an mutually agreeable conclusion, if things do not go as planned.
We do! We are a local GC that is has a driven team of contractors, designers and local trades to complete you project from start to finish. Our team has worked together for years that has helped us build a solid team with great communication, trust with clients, work ethic and commitment to quality.


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